What We Do

Over the last 10 years Holipic has grown to become the largest and most successful photo concessionaire in the hotel industry. But we have never forgotten that the heart of our business is capturing those special vacation memories.

In today’s fast-changing, digital world it is more important than ever to meet the needs and expectations of our hotel / resort partners and their guests. HHI specializes in developing sophisticated technological solutions that make the complex look simple. Whether it is allowing a guest to take home all of their digital photos on a CD or a customized PhotoBook of their hotel, our high volume digital systems work seamlessly – even up to the largest 2,000 capacity guest hotels in the market today.

However, technology is meaningless without the right people and the right infrastructure to support it. We recognize that people are our most important asset and invest in recruiting top talent, leading the industry with our commitment to training and development. Our professional photographers bring our technology to life, ensuring those special vacation memories aren’t forgotten.

Our Work Flow

Resort Photo Services

The exclusive outlet for printing and enlargements to all your holiday photography, capturing with ocean, garden, pool and beautiful views.


Our focus listening in on conversations and anticipating that smile, laugh or hug and we’re waiting for that expression of your family.

Wedding Shoot

Holipic offers a range of wedding photography packages in collaboration in the our resorts.

Honeymoon (Couple)

Each images we take serves a purpose and has a point. Each image captures an emotion, tells a story, or portrays a mood or feeling of couples.

Our Company

HHI offers customized imaging solutions to attractions that welcome guests 365 days a year. Our commitment is to extend the guest experience and offer a wide product choice to all. Partnerships are based on a revenue share model.

  • Customer Happiness 90%
  • Brand Strategy 81%
  • Partner Ship 89%
  • Technology 85%

Photo Services

By ensuring that we empower our teams to make good decisions that drive superior service we in turn are able to aspire to operational excellence.

Forward Thinking

New technologies replace old, fresh thinking replaces yesterday’s ideas and market shifts drive new approaches.Our own future at HHI is evolving.

Photo Solutions

From capturing to delivering , HHI is focused on developing the right technological tools to maximize the performance of our operations.

Customer Support

Whether you are a client, a guest of one of our clients, vendor or a team member we strive to make all your interactions with Holipic great experiences.